Phusion Multi-Wand



The pHusion® MultiWand is a professional grade, quick-disconnect, multi-functional applicator tool ideal for relaxer, color, texturizer, and deep conditioning applications. This lightweight tool makes applications faster, cleaner and easier while minimizing product waste.

Brush Applicator

  • Smooth plastic bristles
  • Ideal for color application and highlights
  • Perfect for all chemical consistencies
  • Easy to apply even layers of deep conditioning masque and cocktails

Color Flat Tip

  • Ideal for colour touchups
  • Perfect for off scalp highlighting
  • Reduces potential for colour bleeding

Relaxer Flat Tip

  • Allows for precise application- making the application faster, cleaner and easier
  • A smooth surface reduces the potential of scalp irritation
  • Reduces application waste and potential product waste

Easy Cleaning: Rinse the applicator head with warm water. Use a towel to wipe dry. (Disconnect head and rinse inside chamber if necessary.)


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